The Future of Geospatial Q&A

Geo Q&A has many different initiatives in which we plan to help the future of our communities, and we are dedicated to consistent growth. As the organization grows so does the impact in our community. Under our three pillars of the organization, scientific, educational, and charitable, we have programs designed to propel each pillar forward. The future of our communities depends on your support of the short term and long term initiatives below.


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Youth Leadership Program

We plan to build our first summer youth leadership camp on 30+ acres of land

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Community Development

We want to build our first charter school in an underprivileged community

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Charitable Growth

We aim to partner with nonprofits to do great and efficient work together


youth helping with community yard work

Community and Building Development

Our goal is to build schools, churches, camps, and community centers in various communities to provide spaces where youth and individuals can flourish. These spaces provide youth with security and support systems to foster their achievement. One space we are actively working on building is a youth leadership summer camp.

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Educational Development

Education goes beyond the curriculum in a classroom. We aim to educate kids outside the classroom to make them better students inside the classroom. Our goal is not only to provide resources and materials to students but to implement mentoring and leadership programs through various partnerships with other organizations.

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Speaking Engagements

Speeches are tailored to inspire youth. They focus on two main topics – Character and Mentors. We will explore what character is through some intense and edge-of-your-seat storytelling to champion the belief that each youth can overcome and become more than the obstacles they’ve faced. A key to overcoming is to gain and retain a mentor and we will elevate the importance of having your own personal guide through life.

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Partnerships and working connections are vital for growth and bonding a community together. There are many moving pieces that are woven together to lift up a community. By partnering with nonprofits that have established programs we can only make that bond stronger.

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Research and Policy Influence

Research is crucial in understanding social problems, which in turn, provides the information necessary to identify systems that escalate social disparity. Community development is only one step in the process and through research, we can develop strategies and impact policy that will improve or change those systems that are in place.