Geospatial Q & A Inc. is tax exempt for scientific, educational, and charitable purposes. These are the three pillars used to drive the vision of empowering fellow Underprivileged Overachievers (my UPOVs). With your support, we will build the strongest and most impactful charitable organization this world has ever seen. If you wish to champion this mission, please do not hesitate to use the donate button and solidify your commitment to lifting up our underprivileged overachievers.


At its core Geo Q&A is dedicated to empowering underprivileged youth. The growth and reach of the organization is dependent on donations and individuals willing to invest in the lives of the youth in their community. Geo Q&A currently offers seminars, speaking engagements, and mentoring to those interested in making change.

Donations will contribute to more programs, materials for mentorships, research on public policy and implementing change. Our grand vision of developing communities through construction of schools, churches, and community centers will be bolstered by your donation today. Geo Q&A’s seminars and mentorships have already made a positive and life-changing impact.


– “…if it wasn’t for you recruiting me to the robotics team in 2010, I definitely wouldn’t be where I am now. I would be in jail for what I fantasized about doing everyday during that dreadful bus ride to school, but robotics gave me an excuse not to be home as much, a reason to keep my grades up, and a new outlook on life.” – Oshay Henderson

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