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Yohance, CEO

Founder and CEO, Yohancé Ajamu Ebu Salimu, is a fighter, a survivor, and a winner. Despite growing up without a home, Salimu graduated from Crenshaw Senior High School in California and went on to study Geospatial Science at the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Upon completion of his training and earning his degree in 2016, Salimu was commissioned as an officer into the Air Force as a part of the fifty-eighth graduating class of USAFA.

After completion of his service to his country, Salimu may have taken off the uniform, but he has never ceased in his efforts to serve others. In addition to his work as President and CEO of Geospatial Q & A Inc. he is a published author and highly sought-after public speaker. The organization bolsters economic and social growth in small communities utilizing applied research. Geo. Q&A is dedicated to empowering underprivileged youth, and Salimu uses his story as a catalyst to create change in the lives of youth and their neighborhoods.


World Globe


Contributing to research institutes and conducting research on public policy.

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Group at a Conference Table


Providing educational programs and resources for the benefit of local schools.

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Group Listening to Speaker


Strengthening urban economic, cultural, educational, and social services through community and neighborhood development.

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